Participating Vendors

The vendors list below will feature an “MV” and/or “LG” code to indicate which Honey Festival location they will be participating in:

MV = Museum Village, Monroe, NY, Sunday, June 23, 2019, 10am-5pm

LG = Fort William Henry, Lake George, NY, Sunday, July 21, 2019, 10am-6pm

 876 Jerk (MV)

Jerk chicken, jerk pork, fries, Jamaican beef patties and roasted corn.


Adi’s Bees (MV & LG)

Apiary offering local honey and custom-built hives for beekeepers. See our glass-enclosed demonstration hive at the Honey Festival.


Adirondack Winery (LG)

Local, handcrafted dry, semi-sweet and dessert wines. Gluten-free.

Allan’s Falafel Café (MV & LG)

Chester, NY-based café and food truck company featuring a Mediterranean menu with multiple vegetarian options.


An Artistic Taste (MV & LG)

Enjoy An Artistic Taste’s famous lobster mac & cheese, as well as their gourmet Brussels sprouts drizzled with honey, lobster Hush Puppies with honey aioli, and lemon-raspberry lemonade.


Annie’s Food Truck (MV)

Food trailer offering shaved ice, pretzels, hot dogs, sausage & peppers, nachos & cheese and drinks.


B’s Cheese (LG)

New York-produced gourmet cheddars in 16 flavors, cheese spreads in 7 flavors and cheese curd in 7 flavors.

Bacon Bites (LG) — See Also Bumble Honey Mustard Below

Famous makers of chocolate-covered bacon (as seen on Food Network and The Dr. Oz Show). Also selling slab bacon and plush pig toys.

Bee Hollow Farm (LG)

Large bee farm following organic practices offering honey, creamed honey, bourbon barrel-aged honey, beeswax candles and lip balm.


BeeWitched Bee (MV)

Local Long Island honeys, plus infused honeys, beeswax candles, all-natural lip balms, solid perfumes, honey straws, honey dippers and more. Infused flavors include chocolate, chocolate chili, chocolate mint, ginger, pumpkin spice, lavender, hibiscus, garlic, lemon, blueberry, strawberry, rose, peach, turmeric, vanilla, Italian black truffle, coffee, cranberry, clove, hot chili and mint.


Bumble Honey Mustard (MV & LG) — See Also Bacon Bites Above

Delicious honey mustard, Bumble toys/gift items and Bumble chocolates from the makers of Bacon Bites.


Brushworks (MV)

Acrylic paintings, floor cloths, painted furniture, Lazy Susans, flower pots and carts.


Cabot Creamery (MV)

A farmer-owned cooperative and manufacturer of the world’s best cheddar and dairy products.

Campside Chef LLC (LG)

Culinary-trained chef selling gourmet spice blends and potato chips.


Casa Del Caciocavello Farms (MV & LG)

Family-owned farm producing artisan caciocavello cheese in four flavors: traditional, garlic, hot pepper and black pepper. Pairs great with honey!

Chocolate Moonshine (LG)

Enjoy delicious fudge from Chocolate Moonshine!


Cornell Cooperative Extensive / 4-H (MV)

Offering 4-H youth development craft projects at Sweet Bee’s Honey Festival, plus animal husbandry booth and food preserves booth.


Cutco Cutlery (MV)

Manufacturer of “The World’s Finest Cutlery” selling cutlery, culinary tools, flatware, kitchen tools, BBQ tools, garden tools, scissors and accessories. All Cutco knives are made in upstate New York!  


Drink More Good (MV & LG)

This handcrafted beverage syrup and soda company creates More Good organic syrups and mixers for flavoring seltzer and making cocktails and vegan Egg Creams.  Flavors include ginger ale, cassia cream, root beer, orange pop, lemon-lime, hibiscus-rooibos and chocolate!

Fairy Craft Mothers (LG)

Handmade items from fabric including purses, ties, wallets, headbands and keychains.


Ferreira Carpenter Estates Winery (MV & LG)

Orange County-based winery and distilled spirits producer.


Forever Boards New England (MV)

Reclaimed, repurposed, hand-crafted and “green” solid surface (i.e. Corian) cutting boards, serving boards and trivets.


Gooseberry Grove, Inc. (MV)

Selling organic honey-touched “Bee Sting” lemonade, raspberry lemonade and strawberry lemonade, pretzels, churros, hot dogs, sausage & peppers and steak on a stick.


Got Chocolate, Inc. (MV) and

Got Chocolate, Inc., offers fudge from Chocolate Moonshine and organic cookies from Bang Cookies!

Goodway Bakery (MV & LG)

Maker of famous Bahamian-style rum cakes in various flavors.

Grace’s Jellies (MV)

Gourmet jams & jellies. 

Gunther’s Goodies (LG)

Handmade, small-batch dog & cat treats and accessories.


Healthy Gourmet Kitchen (MV & LG)


Where healthy meets delicious.  Healthy Gourmet Kitchen offers gluten-free jams, salsa, cheesecake, Italian cookies, dip mixes, seasonings, rubs, soup kits, slow-cooker meal kits, infused salts and more!


Helderberg Meadworks (LG)

Helderberg Meadworks produces several varieties of wine from honey (mead).


Honeybrook Farms (MV & LG)

100% pure New York State raw honey (including wildflower, apple blossom and buckwheat varieties), bee pollen, beeswax, beeswax balms and candles.


HoneyGramz (MV)

Pure honey from New York City and surrounding areas, plus bee pollen and honeybee-related products & cosmetics including soap, face cream, lip balm and beeswax wraps.


Hudson Highland Nature Museum (MV)

Nature museum offering extensive programming, including on bees, and children’s summer camp.


I’m Not Going to Get Ticked (MV & LG)

All-natural tick and mosquito repellents.


JD Gourmet (MV)

Balsamic vinegar and olive oil blends. 25-year aged!


KAS Spirits (MV & LG)

New York-based producers of Krupnikas, a sweet alcoholic drink that is popular in Lithuania as well as Poland (known there as “Krupnik”). Legend has it that Benedictine monks created Krupnikas in the 1500s. Made with sweet honey and warm spices, it became the drink of choice in the Polish and Lithuanian communities as a way to celebrate holidays, weddings, and even just the everyday. Though the Soviets shut down production for many years, krupnikas lived on through closely guarded family recipes, which have been passed down through the generations.

Lake George Distilling Company (LG)

A small distillery that makes handcrafted spirits from New York grains. Products include 32-Mile Moonshine, Indian Kettles Smoke, Apple Pie Moonshine, Adirondack Wildfire Whiskey, Lake George Lemonade, Sweet Tea Island Shine and Bullhead Bourbon.  

Lavenlair Farm (MV & LG)

Lavender products and lavender honey from the Lake George region.

Ledge Rock Hill Winery (LG)

Award-winning producer of fruit-infused dry red and white wines.

Liquid Altitude (MV)

Producers of Freefall Sangria.


Magnolia House Honey (MV)

Magnolia House Honey specializes in pollination of organic farms, bee pollination and honey productions. This apiary from Warwick, NY, offers over 30 varieties of honey including local Long Island honey and alfalfa (NY), almond (CA), apple (NY), avocado (CA) black locust (NY), orange blossom (FL), blueberry (NJ), buckwheat (NY), butter bean (NC) Catskill (NY), creamed clover (NY), creamed cinnamon (NY), cranberry (ME), mountain (NC), mesquite (AZ), raspberry (ME), sage (CA), sourwood (NC), Tupelo (GA/FL), coffee (Guatemala), eucalyptus (Australia) and manuka (New Zealand).

All Magnolia House honeys are RAW, organic and true-source certified (means floral source has been certified). While all raw honeys are kosher, a number of Magnolia House’s honeys are additionally kosher-certified (O-U).


Mysto Mead (MV)

Flavors of mead from New York State honey, mineral-rich spring water and fruit.


Olde York Farm / State 11 Distillery (MV & LG)

Local producers of Cacao Maple Vodka, Black Walnut Bourbon, Thai Basil Liqueur and Raspberry Liqueur. Some spirits are gluten-free.


Open Arms (MV)

Non-profit organization offering addition treatment and recovery services. Open Arms will be selling bee-related crafts, Honey Festival tote bags and pre-packaged ice cream bars.


Pazdar Winery (MV & LG)

America’s original “wine chocolatier” specializing in creative wines including several chocolate varieties and honey wine.


Pickles, Olives, Etc. / Vesco Foods (MV)

Olive & pickle specialist with stores in NYC & NJ.


Planted Organics (LG)

Handcrafted organic dressings & marinades and mixed nut salad topping. Gluten-free, no-salt, no-preservatives and no-fat.


Popcorn for the People (MV)

Gourmet handcrafted popcorn created by autistic employees. Gluten-free and certified kosher.


R&G Cheese Makers, Inc. (LG)

Micro creamery located in Troy, NY, offering a variety of artisanal cheeses made with cow’s milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milk in handcrafted small batches. Gluten-free.


Rockland Honey (MV)

Honey, honey sticks, bees and beeswax from Rockland County, NY. Kosher-certified.


Scents 4 My Soul (MV & LG)

Health oils, honey body oils and incense.


ScrubIt NH (MV & LG)

Small-batch, personal care bath bombs, scrubs, shower steamer and lavender-infused baby butter.


Senter Honey Bee Farms (MV & LG)

Local New York & New Jersey honey, creamed honey & flavored cream honey. All products are Kof-K certified kosher.


Slate Point Meadery (MV)

Honey-based alcoholic beverages from the Hudson Valley region. Try our Green Lit, Sweet Spot and Queen’s Crown varieties.


Tail Waggin’ Treats (MV)

Homemade, grain-free dog & cat treats and pastries in a variety of flavors including carob chip.  Don’t forget to bring home treats for the non-human members of you family!


TevaLand (MV)

TevaLand is an animal rescue organization based in Hillburn, NY. They will be bringing rescued animals to the honey festival!


The Cheese Guy (MV)

Producer & distributor of all-natural hand-crafted artisan cheeses, crackers and preserves.  All cheeses are kosher-certified by the Orthodox Union (OU).

The Forest Farms, LLC (LG)

Producers of organic tree syrups including maple syrup, birch syrup, walnut syrup and beech syrup, plus maple cotton candy.  

The Peanut Principle (MV & LG)

Makers of gourmet nut and seed butters in over 40 different flavors including honey.


The Pretzel Princess / Krantz Kreations (MV)

The famous Pretzel Princess will be offering hot dogs at the Honey Festival and, if it happens to be cool enough… possibly some of her chocolate-covered pretzels.

To The Queen’s Taste

Elegant baked goods from Massachusetts.

True Made Foods (MV)

Veggie-based sauces – BBQ, ketchup and spriacha. Vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.


Truth Honey (MV & LG)

Atlanta-based apiary offering premium and gourmet infused honeys. Gourmet flavors include: almond, apple, banana, bubble gum, caramel, cherry, coconut, coffee, cotton candy, ginger, green apple, lemon-ginger, mango, mint, orange, peppermint, pineapple, peach, strawberry, vanilla, tangerine and more! The premium blends feature Black Spice Rum, Grand Marnier, Honey Bourbon Whisky, Orange Patron, White Hennessy, Cognac 1837, Courvoisier VSOP and 1800 Tequila Silver.


Turmeric Store (LG)

Turmeric supplements, oils, powders, honey and masks. 

Tuxedo Creamery (MV)

Mobile ice cream trailer offering premium hard ice cream, non-dairy ice cream, shakes, floats, coffee, soda and water.


Twigs Florals & Antiques (MV)

Country-style dry and faux florals & wreaths.


Uncle Jimmy’s Cheesecake (MV)

Dessert cups, cheesecakes, brownies and authentic Cuban flan.


Villakuyaya (MV & LG)

Ecuadorian-based family business producing organic dark chocolate bars in a variety of flavors, hot chocolate, cocoa nibs and cocoa tea.  USDA organic certified & O-K Labs kosher certified.


Warwick Valley Winery & Black Dirt Distillery (MV)

Wines, ciders, liqueurs and spirits from Orange County, NY.


Wild Coyote Gourmet Hot Sauces (MV)

Handcrafted gourmet hot sauce in 9 varieties including Fire-Roasted Garlic, Tombstone, Cilantro, Chipolte, Sudden Death, Buried Alive, Black Scorpion and Raspberry Spice.


Worlding’s Pleasure (MV & LG)

Worlding’s Pleasure produces handcrafted gourmet cheese dips & spreads, and they are also makers of artisan baked goods.


Yankee Folly Cidery (MV & LG)

Yankee Folly Cider is a premium hard cider that’s still (not sparkling), off-dry, clean, crisp and refreshing. Yankee Folly is produced directly at the orchard in New Paltz, NY.


Your Rustic Home (MV & LG)

Handmade rustic wood signs for home décor.